Get ‘Thumb-Friendly’ for 2020

Gone are the days when a website just had to look good on a PC or laptop. Modern web development must incorporate both creativity and functionality as well as being effective and appealing to your visitor. With so many people spending their time internet browsing on a mobile device as opposed to their desktop, website builds for 2020 are being ‘designed for touch, effectively they’re ‘thumb friendly’.

It’s not as obscure as it may initially seem. If you’ve sent a text or browsed the internet today on your phone, it’s likely your fingers are wrapped around the back of your mobile while your thumb ‘types’ the message or flicks between website pages. If you have iOS13 installed on your phone, you’re possibly using the new Slide to Type ‘swiping’ facility already. Enabling you to spell out a word much quicker than tapping each individual key when typing out a message or navigating a website. Putting the navigation bar, menu, and contact buttons within reach of your thumb on the screen, makes your website easier to for the user to navigate and should therefore enhance the experience. How ’thumb friendly’ is your website?