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Web Design in Bedfordshire by Webster Internet

At Webster Internet, we make professional, functional websites. All of our websites are custom designed and built with care and attention. Our bespoke Web Design in Bedfordshire uses the same process that drives all of our work which has been tweaked over five years to deliver the best results. We have found that the only way to give a client an exceptional website, is to build from scratch.

We believe that each website that we create must be totally original. There are thousands of website templates out there but that’s not what we’re about. Fundamentally, we think that your company is better than a template and has it’s own story to tell – it is our job to meet your company, to spend time with you to extract this tale and then to represent it in a professional and functional way, so as to attract more customers and increase sales.

The fundamental process that we use to outline a website build is exactly the same, whether the client is a one-man company, or a large, national organisation. We have experience of running and delivering web design projects for both ends of this scale, and we are keen for people to read our testimonials which we’ve received from happy clients, so please help yourself. On top of this, we are always happy to offer advice on how websites can be made better so if you have a website that is under-performing, please get in touch and we can help to point you in the right direction.

Our clients represent a hugely varied collection of businesses, each with their own unique set of business goals, requirements and challenges. So how on earth do we manage to use the same process on all websites that we build? It’s actually easier than it seems.

Each website that we create starts life as a blank piece of paper. We will meet with a prospective client prior to starting work in order to formulate a site map and to get a feel for the company as a whole. During this meeting, our goal is to gain enough information to give an accurate appraisal of how long the project will take and what it will cost.

Once this part of the project is complete, we will start to design the website. We have been known to magic entire websites out of thin air and with no more inspiration than a sketchy logo. Having said this, without doubt, the best websites are always formed from solid corporate branding.

At this stage we design the website in-house using professional Graphic Designers or we can enlist the help of our Branding Consultant to help define the company’s brand and position within the marketplace.

Once the design is agreed, we begin by building the basic structure of the website itself. Usually, this will start with the mocking-up of the home page and any other custom page templates. While we are busy doing all of this, our Copywriters fire into action, formulating the website text which is then agreed with the client and then added at the next stage of the process.

Now that the pages are finalised and have all relevant images and text, the website will look complete and everybody should be happy; if our clients are, so are we.

At this stage, we do a lot of things in the background that are utterly essential but far too dull to report and then the website is ready for launch.

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