Loreto College

Website Design for a School in St Albans, Hertfordshire

When Loreto College approached Webster Internet to create a website for their school, we were extremely happy. Loreto is a prestigious school for girls in St Albans with a rich history and a most interesting story to tell.

We proposed to create a completely custom content-managed and pupil-centred website for Loreto College with the goal of showing the vibrant nature of the school and the juxtaposition of the school’s history and modernity.

The website uses the Loreto uniform colours at the heart of the design. It was designed with classic ideas and a modern twist in order to give the web presence a fresh, appealing look but with a tip of the hat to the school’s historical significance. Webster Internet performed the initial content insertion so that the website was ready for visitors from day one.

The website is fully mobile and tablet compatible and has been regularly updated by their teaching staff since it went live over a year ago.

The website features a simple content management system (CMS) allowing for updates to be made at any time. Driving the updating platform is a hierarchical system of editors and contributing authors for all content on the website. The aim of this system is that anybody within a department is able to contribute content to the website, but only assigned editors are able to finally publish content to the live website. This gives a good balance of co-operative work and security.

The CMS features a version control system for all pages and content. This means that if a mistake is made and published to the live website, there is no need to panic. Within two or three clicks, a page can be restored to any previous state.

A year on from the launch of our new website, I am writing to thank you for all the hard work you have put into creating it, and to keeping it running smoothly. We have always been really pleased with the appearance of the site, which filled our brief excellently. As the year has gone on, we have also become more and more impressed by its functionality. It delivers everything we want of it, and has allowed us to fulfil our main objective of giving a much stronger sense of what the school is all about. On a personal note, may I also just say what a pleasure it has been to work with you – your patience during the creation of the site, and your ability to deal with everything we have thrown at you, have both made my own role in the whole process infinitely easier! It is great to know that you are still on hand to offer help and advice.
Loreto College

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