Why are so many businesses choosing Digital Marketing in 2020?

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Every business needs to market their products or services, and the way that they are doing so has been changing over the last few years. With the increase in use of the internet, digital marketing has become a great way to market your business and to reach new customers. Not only has it become a fantastic marketing channel in its own right, but it even brings huge benefits over traditional marketing methods.

What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to all marketing efforts that are carried out online or via the internet. By using a range of channels including email, search engines, websites and social media platforms, businesses are able to market themselves to huge numbers of people from wherever they are in the world. 

Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing provides huge creative freedom at a range of budgets. This means that any business, small or large, can create whatever content they need and place it in front of customers with minimal costs. By utilising a wide range of online channels, you can reach a variety of different customer groups at the same time, with the same content. Compare that to say a TV ad that could set you back five or six figures for a short video clip, and you start to see why it has quickly become extremely popular.

What are all the benefits of digital marketing?

The main reason that digital marketing has become so widely used is due to the number of benefits it brings to businesses. With so many effective ways to reach customers and track results, it is undeniable that everyone can get something out of digital marketing. 

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One way in which digital marketing outperforms traditional channels is with the ability to create brand trust and loyalty. When marketing purely through mediums such as TV, magazines and billboards, it is extremely difficult to gain the trust of your customers as they don’t really get to know who your business is. They simply see the products or services you offer, and that’s about it. 

However, digital marketing channels such as email and social media really allow your business to create a deeper relationship to customers. By sharing regular updates, personal stories and snippets of information about your brand, customers can gain a sense of who your business represents and what they stand for. This is great for marketing efforts as customers will begin to trust you and become loyal supporters of the brand that you have built. 


Digital marketing also provides businesses with the opportunity to interact directly with customers. Whether it’s having friendly conversations with long-time customers, or helpfully answering queries from new buyers, this is a very powerful tool to have. 

This too will play a role in building your brand trust, as mentioned above. Not only do you present yourself as a kind, interactive brand, but you create a strong trust in customers that you are always there to help and truly care about customer needs. Something that will go a very long way in the future success of your business.

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In 2020, everybody is using the internet in some form. Whether they have an email address, social media profiles, or just use it to browse via search engines, people can be found somewhere online. 

This in itself is a great reason to get into digital marketing as it will allow you to reach people you may not have been able to before. People who live further away, people who never watch TV ads, people who don’t buy magazines are all groups that you can now target online without a problem. This opens up your potential market and allows you to target huge numbers, much more easily than you could have before.


Thanks to the range of platforms available online that are free to use, budgets can be stretched much further and used far more effectively. By saving on mass marketing, it allows businesses to put more into targeted online ads that can bring far better results than any traditional channel. 

Online advertising services have huge amounts of data that allow you to create extremely specific target audiences for your ads to be shown to. Things that were never possible with other marketing channels, such as choosing the gender, the age, the hobbies and the incomes of your potential customers are now available to help you reach your perfect customer. The more targeting you can do, the more likely your posts and ads are to reach someone who will buy from you.

Although pay per click ads can be tricky, our PPC Ads guide can help you understand the fundamentals. For information about PPC ads management services, view our digital marketing packages page.


Another great benefit of digital marketing is the ability to read analytics reports of your marketing efforts. These are available to view whenever you need and show you exactly how effective your marketing is. 

The number of views, the number of clicks, the amount of social engagement are all metrics that you can use to analyse performance regularly and make updates or changes to improve. This allows businesses to fine-tune their marketing efforts to maximise effectiveness and attract more customers than ever before.

You can see why so many businesses are choosing digital marketing

By now, you can probably tell why so many businesses are making digital marketing channels their main focus. With such an array of benefits that allow you to save money, market more effectively to more specific audiences and fine-tune your efforts to perfection, it’s easy to see why it is so beneficial. 

Businesses who switch to focus on digital marketing are able to get better results, improve sales, increase profit margins and build a brand that people trust and will return to over and over again. 

Why your business needs to get involved if you haven’t already

Despite the clear range of benefits that digital marketing provides, so many businesses still aren’t taking advantage. Luckily, it’s never too late to jump onboard and reap the benefits for your business. 

If you want to increase sales, build awareness and trust for your brand or simply just reduce marketing costs, then it is key to switch efforts to digital marketing. Although it may sound like a big jump to make in order to change your marketing strategy, with the right help and a solid plan, it is one of the best moves that your business can make in 2020. 

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