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This month we’ve decided to set a challenge, we promise it won’t take long and could increase your bottom line for the future. So, here goes…

  • Spend 10 minutes comparing and contrasting your competition’s website. Now have an honest conversation with yourself, if you were a potential customer – based on the websites themselves, which company would you prefer to deal with?
  • Are you missing out on great online marketing possibilities because your web designer insists on charging you a fortune for every typo you want amended on your website? Now make a list of all the amazing changes you’d make to your website if only you were able to update it yourself……
  • Look at your website on your mobile as well as on your computer – does it read properly on both? If you were a potential customer visiting your website on either medium…what would your first impression be?
  • A couple of years ago, your website may have been easily found on Google, but in the past few years, their search algorithms have changed. Visit Google today and search for your website…are you easily found?
  • How long does your website take to load? It’s now said that the average internet user will allow maybe a couple of seconds for a website to load before clicking the back button and that time is getting shorter day-by-day. Last challenge of the day, type ‘Pagespeed’ into Google, click the link and enter your website in the box. You may be disquieted by the result. Now enter Webster Internet’s address – websterinternet.co.uk – and see how we perform (I’ll wait for your response….)
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