When was the last time you implemented security updates on your website?

Website security updates may be frustrating to implement but be under no illusion of just how important they are. Think of them as the seemingly invisible, heavy duty padlock on your website door. They prevent cyber criminals barging their way into your online business and causing damage. If you neglect your website’s security, you could be leaving your site and business open to untold damage, irrelevant of the size of your business.

What exactly do they do?

Security updates fix vulnerabilities within a system, preventing exploitation by unauthorised users. The majority of the technology you are likely to use requires code to function (think phones, computers, tablets, content management systems and importantly your website) and it’s the weaknesses in the code, that hackers exploit. Whilst technology improves, so does the hacker’s ability to access areas they haven’t been invited into, hunting out new loopholes and vulnerabilities in the coding. Security updates create the patches to patch over the ‘holes’ to keep your systems secure.

Size doesn’t matter

Hackers don’t care what size your business is, easy pickings is the name of the game. If your site isn’t up to date with its security and is easy to breach, there will be automated ‘bots’ out there, scouring the internet looking for weak spots they can access, whether you’re a small family business or a large corporate giant is neither here nor there. If your website is insecure, you may as well hand over your login details including password, because they will break in.

Look to the future

You may not have bothered with security updates so far but don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t be a target. People often make statements such as ‘there are other priorities in my business, I just don’t have the time!’, ‘no-one here really knows how to do it…’, ‘I can’t see any real benefits…’. If in the unfortunate event that your website does get hacked and your business and livelihood is threatened, you’ll be kicking yourself that you never took implementing security updates seriously.

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