When change is actually better than a rest

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Few people like change, but here are some very good reasons as to why you might want your website re-designed.

  1. Your vision may have changed. Your website may have been perfect when you had it created 5 years ago, but is your vision of the business still the same? If your website doesn’t reflect the business today, you could be losing potential business
  2. You’ve noticed your conversion rates have dropped. Could this could be due to the checkout process, poor navigation, maybe your Calls to Action need reworking?
  3. You’ve rebranded since your website was created. If your brand advertising and your website don’t match, your potential customers are likely to get confused which can lead to then shopping elsewhere
  4. The website is looking a little dated. Consumers can be fickle when it comes to the look of a website, they prefer modern, high-quality looking websites
  5. You seem to have lost your way in the rankings. While a new website isn’t guaranteed to improve your placement in the search rankings, having a fresh new set of content will tell the search engines that you are relevant
  6. You’re fed up with having to rely on your existing web designer to make any costly amendments as and when they have the time. Consider moving over to a Content Management System such as WordPress and you’ll be in charge of your content destiny
  7. Your website is slow to react and due to its age, isn’t mobile friendly. Technology has changed so much in recent years! A redesigned website will ensure you keep up to date with the latest technology, don’t get left behind
  8. You’ve achieved so much since you had your website built, but that’s not reflected in how it looks. Here’s the time to point out that although the look of your website is important, it’s highly likely that the products or services you offer has changed since your website was last updated. By redesigning your website, you’re sending a time relevant message to your customers, your staff and yourself that the business is moving forwards.

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