We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Protect your website in 2020!

We’ve mentioned it before, but if your business is represented online, it’s vital that you make sure you have done everything possible to keep it safe and protected from those that may want to do you harm. You might find the notifications that pop up suggesting you ‘install an update’ irritating (and you may choose to ignore!) but remember this will have popped up for a reason!

The majority of the technology you are likely to use requires code to function (think phones, computers, tablets, content management systems and importantly your website) and it’s the weaknesses in the code, that hackers exploit. Whilst technology improves, so does the hacker’s ability to access areas they haven’t been invited into, hunting out new loopholes and vulnerabilities in the coding. Security updates create the patches to patch over the ‘holes’ to keep your systems secure.

Software updates may seem a pain, however they are created for a good reason, fixing vulnerabilities within a system and preventing exploitation by unauthorised users. If you’ve received a notification suggesting you implement an update, it’s worth remembering that these updates are installed over the current installation and do not require uninstallation or re-installation of the software in question.

The point is, that updating a program in these instances doesn’t actually require you to do too much other than click ‘yes’ and let the updater do its thing! Stay ‘updated’ and keep your online world safe in 2020.

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