Webster Internet throw some light on what you should be considering for your new website build.

Considering a new website or website rebuild – what are the main considerations?

  1. No one knows your business like you. Only you have a clear understanding of its goals, identity, what makes it stand out from the crowd and what your brand stands for. Being able to explain all of these elements clearly to your web designer is vital to get the best end result.
  2. If you’re unsure of what you should be incorporating within the design and content, don’t be shy, check out what others are doing! The good, the bad and the downright hideous. If a business is successful at what they do – you can be sure they’re doing something right! No-one ever reinvented the wheel – but over the years, journeys have been improved with a better tyre!
  3. Study your competitors’ websites to help open your eyes to ideas you may not have considered yourself. However always keep in mind that your website needs to represent you, your business and its unique brand. Whatever others do, aim to do it better!
  4. Keep communicating with your website designer the entire way through the process. Share ideas as they crop up, be open to their suggestions (they’re exerts in their field!) and remember that it’s in everyone’s best interest that the outcome is a website that represents what you and business stand for.

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