Website design for 2020 – What’s here to stay and what is on its way?

Here to stay is….
Mobile Browsing – With more people browsing websites from mobile devices than desktop computers in 2020, we believe it’s official, if you’re not mobile friendly you’re going to be left behind!
Chatbots – these online communication bots are divided into two groups: working according to pre-prepared commands (simple chatbot that works based on pre-written keywords that they understand) and trained (smart or advanced chatbot that rely on artificial intelligence when they communicate with users). With online buying trends constantly increasing, customers are wanting a more personalised experience when they buy online.  Welcome Artificial Intelligence.
On its way…..
Gravity Defying Websites – including interactive creative design elements that pop up here and there, changing form and just waiting for a cursor to hover over them. Welcome to the world of the 3D website.
Geometric Shapes – We often talk about fashions coming ‘back into fashion’. The 70’s bought us the tartan flares of the Bay City Rollers, Tupperware storage for food and iconic geometric wallpaper patterns. Think straight lines, clean shapes and bright colours. Geometricity is key in website design for 2020.
Vivid Colours – the trend for using vivid colour in 2020 is going to be huge. Think contrasting colours such as purples and blues, mono-colour backgrounds and bold typography. Make it bold and make it bright for 2020!
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