Understanding the possible outcomes of NOT having a secure website.

You may have heard terms such as ‘spamming’ and ‘phishing’. Both are ways that hackers can damage a business, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Think of a hacker as being an uninvited guest to your party, they will bring chaos to your world in a variety of ways.

Defacing this involves editing or replacing content on your site and could be a targeted attack to undermine peoples trust in your business.

Spamming – sends out emails, often repeatedly and in sometimes in bulk to any email address including those associated with your website or hosting. Spamming can cause your server to be blacklisted, preventing you from sending legitimate emails.

 Phishing exploits the trust of a user to obtain login details, financial information or personal details and can be used to gain access to email inboxes or other password protected areas.

Malware is designed to infect a system and cause it harm. Malware makes changes without you knowing which makes it extremely dangerous. Malware covers anything from viruses to advertising software and can force the user into a network of other remotely controlled hacked devises.

Content injection is what’s known as a black hat SEO technique that involves inserting links to other websites into your site. Some of these will be visible and some of them won’t be, but search engines will be able to find them and may blacklist your website from Search Engine Results Pages. This could result in your customers not being able to find you or visitors to your website being directed to other websites that could potentially infect them with viruses.

Interception of data is a possibility on insecure sites. This could be data that contains credit card numbers or addresses with a view to being sold on, make purchases online or even worse, be used within other criminal activities.

Imagine waking up one Monday morning, to find out that a hacker opened the door to your website and let themselves in. The possibility that your site could go down completely is just the tip of the iceberg, you could lose your clients data along with their trust and potentially their business. Your website could also suffer a fall in traffic and rank due to search engine algorithms no longer classing your site as trustworthy.

Is it worth the risk? Call us today and discuss how Webster Internet can keep your website safe and keep uninvited guests out of the party.

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