Think about this for a moment, your website – is it easy on the eye and easy to manoeuvre?

You might be under the assumption that your website is ‘great’, ‘fantastic’, ‘easy on the eye and easy to manoeuvre’….but is it really?

This April, we’re focusing on helping you get your website in mint condition for the coming financial year. Increasing the bottom-line profit will be the focus of many and if your website is a key player in reaching those profits, it needs to be providing the best user experience it can, which means the customer journey needs to make sense to the visitor from the minute they land on the page.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does your website actually tell your visitors what they should be doing? Is it obvious how they need to manoeuvre around the site to reach their end goal, whether that be to access content or make a purchase?
  2. Are your contact details easily visible if they want to get in touch with a query, or are they only able to contact you via an online form?
  3. Is it a ‘good-looking site’ where people feel they want to spend both their valuable time….and money?
  4. Is it obvious what you want them to do when they land on your website, are they aware that you want them to fill in a form, possibly download a manual or actually give you a call?
  5. Finally, we hate to say it, but it’s not all about you! Your customers and clients are your bread and butter, so give some serious thought as to what they need from your website.

Our experience in website design enables us to build bespoke websites for our clients that not only look good, they tell your story, and provide the best customer journey encouraging repeat business. Get in touch with Dan and the team at Webster Internet today on 0800 6124856 or email

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