Mobile Websites are a Must for All Businesses

It is thought that only around 20% of UK websites are mobile-friendly.

In April 2015, Google made the decision that they would no longer show non-mobile websites to users making searches on mobile devices.

Somewhere in August 2015, mobile devices overtook laptops as the device of choice for UK internet users.

These are two very powerful movements in the uptake of mobile devices and show a change in the overall demographic of the UK’s internet usage. So how come most businesses are not taking notice of this shift? More importantly, why are businesses not reacting to the shift?

But let’s forget for a moment that there are in excess of 4 billion mobile devices in the world, of which 1.25 billion are smart phones, the most profound statistic of all is that research shows that mobile users landing on non-mobile websites show a 90% bounce rate.

Don’t know what a bounce rate is? Get Google Analytics installed on your website and start using it – it’s free and is probably the most powerful tool in the armoury of any website owner.

A bounce rate is an exit from a website, this is where that piece of potential business flies off into the ether, never to be seen again. So let’s look at that again in more detail…

Over half of UK internet traffic is from mobile devices – we’ll assume that half of the traffic that your website receives is mobile. So, say your website gets 100 hits per day, 50 hits per day will be from a user on a mobile device.

Of those 50 hits, 45 of them will see that the website is not mobile friendly and they will take their business elsewhere. Ouch!

Mobile websites for local businesses

The world of mobile websites becomes even more curious when we start looking at local search. The stand-out figures are that those local searches on mobile devices, it is thought that 18% of users make a purchase within a day after a local search for a service compared to just 7% in non-local search.

The analysis of search intent seems to back this incredible statistic up – 54% of local mobile searches include business hours, 53% include directions to premises and 50% include business address details – so it is obvious to see that the intent for mobile search is to immediately satisfy a requirement and make a purchase.

Mobile Device Demographics

Because of the fact that such a large proportion of the UK population own a smart phone, this means that the general demographics are much more evenly spread, meaning that visits to websites from mobile devices are just as likely to be from one extreme of a socioeconomic group than any other.

Such a wide range of demographics own a smartphone with easy internet access in their hands nowadays so you need to have a mobile friendly site to satisfy their needs – otherwise your website will become a statistic of the 90% mobile bounce rate.

How we can help

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