Mobile, Vocal, Virtual – Welcome to the future of Website Design

Technology never stands still and as website developers, we need to stay hot on its heels to ensure that the websites we create are on trend and up to date with the latest digital requirements. Adaptability is at the forefront of what we do, so we thought we’d share the latest and greatest in what’s happening in the world of website development, heading into this new decade.

It’s going to be mobile

Gone are the days when most people would be browsing the internet on a desktop PC and it was often only the big companies that seemed to need to consider a mobile alternative. So many businesses today are receiving web traffic from people using a mobile device, it’s essential that companies provide a mobile-friendly website experience in order to maintain high customer engagement and potentially increased sales.

 It’s going to be vocal

Who hasn’t asked the likes of Siri or Alexa to either play a tune, get a weather update or find a recipe for making scones? Voice search is going to necessitate voice website navigation, so keep this in mind.

It’s going to be virtual

Virtual reality web design is on the horizon. It’s exciting and can be used to closely simulate real-life situations for many industries. Imagine having the ability to virtually meander through a potential hotel in Barcelona, to see if you liked it before you booked it? Or walk through a house, miles away to see if it really was what you wanted, to save you a potential wasted journey for a property viewing?

With mobile browsing so much more the norm now, responsive website design is the basic bare minimum a website requires to keep up with the competition. Make sure your website is responsive and future-ready, get in touch with Dan and the team at Webster Internet today on 0800 6124856 or email

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