Mobile friendly and relevant up-to-date content – Is your website ready for Q1 of 2020?

The month of April is often associated with rainy days and an abundance of chocolate (not necessarily in equal quantities). We want to steer your thoughts in a different direction this month and, heading into the new financial year, ask you to take a long, hard look at your existing website. These three questions should help you work out just how ‘in-shape’ your website is, in its current form.

 Q1. Are you mobile friendly?
With much of the population spending vast amounts of the day on their mobile phones, socialising, researching and purchasing, if your website doesn’t read as well on a mobile device as it does on a computer, you could be losing out on potential business
Q2. Do you avoid updating your website because it’s too costly each time you want to make a change?
If making updates to your website didn’t cost a penny, think of what could do to add value to the user experience, as well as promote your product or service. How about a weekly blog or a monthly spotlight on a service? Being able to update your website yourself, gives you the ability to engage with your audience as and when you want, without being tied to a fee-charging company.
Q3. How relevant is the content on your website?
If you built your website at the start of your business journey, how relevant is the content now? It’s possible your product line may have been updated; your audience may have changed and your plan for world domination may be slightly different to what it was when you started out.

So our three top tips for April…

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