Is your website customer journey clear?

Or why your visits might not be converting to sales…

We all know that a website says a lot about a company and that certain elements need to be in place for a website visit to convert into a sale. Perhaps one might even go so far as to say that this point is obvious…
So why is it that companies sit and scratch their collective heads, wondering why visits to their websites do not correlate directly to sales?

Does your website actually tell visitors what to do?

Go on, open your website and have a look. I’ll give you a minute…
On your homepage, does it highlight the next step that you want your visitor to take? Have you thought of what next step they are trying to take themselves?

Business owners are wholly focused on giving their customers the best and smoothest journey through their sales process as possible when dealing with them over the phone or face-to-face so why is it that this ethos disappears as soon as a website is brought into the equation?

One of the many things that we have learned over the four-or-so years we’ve been going is that a website isn’t just there to look pretty. Although it certainly helps…

Does your website look good?

Because if it doesn’t, the first button that your potential newest customer will be reaching for is the ‘Holy hell – that’s ugly, get me away from here’ button. First impressions, as with a lot of things in life, are everything.
Some companies are lucky enough to have such a solid product or service that they can get away with having an ugly website but surely it’s better not to take that chance.

Even more important than looks, how does your website work?

From a user interaction point of view, an ugly website is less of a crime than one that is painful to use.
If you’ve ever tried to navigate a website such as HP, Epson or Dell, you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from, where finding a printer manual can be one of the most infuriating experiences in life.
If you’ve seen the BBC or the new .GOV website, these are beautiful examples of websites with a huge amount of content that is easily available to users.
So where is your website on the ‘tricky to use’ scale?

Does your website use appropriate Calls to Action?

What do you actually want your website visitors to do when they arrive on your home page? Fill in a form? Download something? Pick up the phone? Whichever of these it is, are you making it obvious enough to your customer?

Possibly a more important consideration is what they want from your website. If a visitor arrives wanting to download a manual and your website bombards them with contact forms and flashing ‘CALL US NOW’ buttons while hiding the content that they actually want, they won’t be inclined to rush back.
If you give the customer what they want now, they’ll surely be more open to contacting your company in future.

If this article has left you with more questions than answers, we at Webster Internet can help.

  • Is your website mobile friendly and why is this important for your business?
  • Does your business need a new website?
  • Is your current website working hard enough for your company?
  • Are your e-mails flaky or your website often down?

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Does your business need a new website?
Is your current website working hard enough for your company?
Is your website mobile friendly?
Are your e-mails flaky or your website often down?
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