If you already have a website offering a product of service, in the current climate it’s possible that your offering may have changed. Does your website reflect this?

With the widespread of Corona virus around the world, lives have been devastated, numerous enterprises have been affected, businesses disrupted with many falling foul of the effects that the virus has had on the economy.

Businesses that at face value appeared to be strong, resilient and almost impenetrable have been razed to the ground leaving gaps in the markets for others to step into. Without meaning to sound too harsh, the outcomes of this hideous pandemic have created openings for some. If you already have a website offering a product of service, it is possible that your offering may have changed. If this is the case, does your website reflect the changes to your model? If you don’t have a website at this time but do have a product or service that is currently in demand, with the means and the ability to deliver it safely, this could be the time to consider having a website built. Book a Zoom call to ‘meet’ Dan and the team at Webster Internet to talk through the possibilities of building a new web site to give your business a platform and a window to the online world, or have  chat as to how you can get your existing website updated to reflect how you will be working in the new world we find ourselves in.

No one can predict what’s next in the global pandemic and when it will end, however with the changing times we find ourselves in, this could be a good time to build a globally competitive website for your enterprise. Here at Webster Internet, we can create a website for your business with a safe and secure window to the world.

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