How Our Security Software Protects Our Clients’ Websites

Most of us know how important website security is, over the past few years pointing we’ve shared our knowledge on issues from data breaches to malware.

There are security systems out there being sold to people that seem to offer everything but the ability to make tea, for what appears to be a pittance. We can’t stress how important security is for your website. You need an effective all-in-one security system that protects your website, a system that actually stops hackers.

Here at Webster Internet, our hosting uses Immunify360, a proactive defence against all hacking, malware and other security issues. Immunify 360 is connected to a network of 1000’s of servers and sharing blocked information. This means that if a site is attacked from the other side of the world, the attacker’s details are added to our servers immediately. If a customer is blocked by accident, then they can easily gain access by confirming they are not a robot on a captcha screen. All files uploaded are checked and verified against a number of databases for hacks, if the upload is flagged then the files will be quarantined. If your website is protected by anything other than Imunify 360, you could potentially be leaving yourself wide open for a future attack.  With domain registrar giants such as GoDaddy being recently hacked leaving customers usernames and passwords compromised with potentially unthinkable consequences, the need is becoming ever greater to ensure that we ensure our websites are protected. Be proactive in protecting what is yours, get in touch with Dan and the team today. Immunise your website against the invisible unscrupulous hackers who want to dismantle your online business.

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