Google’s Mobile-Friendly Search Deadline

What is it – and Should it Interest You?

Google announced a while ago that after 21st April 2015, they would be using a new ranking factor of ‘Mobile Friendliness’ in their search calculations.

There is a lot of scaremongering going on in Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation circles, directly linked to this deadline. Lots of web companies are contacting their clients, saying that they are about to fall foul of Google (AAAAAGH!!!) and that their websites will either never be found again (AAAAAGH!!!), or that they’ll have to spend an arm and a leg (AAAAAGH!!!) in order to fix their websites – all before the deadline (AAAAAGH!!!)!

This is all very scary but should you be interested in this deadline and what does it actually mean to your business?

If you’re in a forward-thinking business and your business prides itself in offering customers and clients the best experience in every way possible, then you should absolutely offer your customers a fully optimised website experience, no matter what device they access your website on.

This is the genuine answer – forget what Google is doing; it sounds obvious but your customers are always the most important consideration.

Google continually makes changes and improvements to their algorithm, the only difference with this change is that they’ve announced and given a date so it’s allowed those scaremongering companies a beautiful opportunity to add to their profits without very much effort.

This change to Google’s algorithm is likely to initially impact local searches done on mobile devices. This means that for those searches with local intent “Restaurant in Milton Keynes” performed on mobile devices, it is very likely that Google will only show results that they feel are ‘mobile friendly’.

Businesses which are likely to be heavily affected by this change are locally-based businesses where people specifically search for their products or services on a mobile device but the change will become more and more prevalent over time.

This sounds a bit like Google throwing their weight around but think about it for a minute, it’s actually a really positive thing. It means that customers searching for something on a mobile will receive content specifically optimised for the device they’re using.

As web designers who specialise in mobile websites, this change is brilliant news for us because we believe in building more than websites – we create digital experiences for customers, no matter what device they decide to use. For businesses, keeping customers happy is what drives sales – both face-to-face and online. Doing business actually has very little to do with making Google happy and a lot of businesses forget this.

Webster Internet aren’t one of the scaremongering companies, we prefer to help by giving you the options. From our base in Dunstable, Webster Internet add value by helping you to make positive decisions about your digital marketing and communications. Being given the right insight and using awareness of important factors can help businesses be smarter and provide better experiences for customers.

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