Does your website reflect your business as it operates now, or when you first set the business up?

Many of us have a website built at the start of our business journey, however chances are that the look as well as the offering and functionality will have moved on since that website was first created. Are you considering a totally new website build in 2020?

For some businesses, a totally new website build for the new decade may not have a budget that stretches that far, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make positive changes that could help your website perform better as well as create a better user experience for your customers. If you’re unsure whether your existing website will be working hard enough for you going into 2020, ask yourself the following questions then get in touch if you feel it’s time to make some changes:

  • If you’ve changed your company logo or colours in recent years are these reflected in the current website?
  • Does your website attract many visitors?
  • How intuitive is your website, and do your customers know exactly what they need to do when they land on a page?
  • How easy is it easy to find the required information, are the links relevant?
  • Is it easy to navigate around the website from page to page and back again?
  • How long does it take to upload – is it less than 2 seconds?
  • Are there any error messages as you navigate the website?
  • Is it easy to support, edit and update the website and its content?
  • Does the website look good when opened in the various popular browsers as well as viewed on a mobile?

If you do decide it’s time to give your website a face lift, check out what the competition are doing, know what’s trending and be clear on what you need to achieve. Then give Dan and the team a call at Webster Internet.

Does your business need a new website?
Is your current website working hard enough for your company?
Is your website mobile friendly?
Are your e-mails flaky or your website often down?
Webster Internet can provide perfect solutions to all of these issues and more.
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