DIY versus using a Web Designer

Should you DIY or use Website Design by Webster Internet

With DIY sites such as Wix and GoDaddy readily available, producing your own website ‘couldn’t be easier’ and for people with smaller ‘website requirements’, these types of drag and drop, self-build options are great. There are however potential downsides worth considering before you spend valuable hours of your own time dragging and dropping, inserting images and loading content etc. Issues can arise when trying to transfer your website to a different host, limited features or issues with changing your design should you feel the need for a website overhaul.

We believe that each website that we create must be totally original. There are thousands of website templates out there but that’s not what we’re about. Fundamentally, we think that your company is better than a template and has its own story to tell – it is our job to meet your company, to spend time with you to extract this tale and then to represent it in a professional and functional way, so as to attract more customers and increase sales. If you’re considering a website self-build, call us first.

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