Data breaches don’t just happen to the big firms…we are all potential victims

Most of us have heard about the big data breaches in recent years that have affected many of the high street names that you may be well aware of…hopefully not many of you were affected? It’s not just the big corporations that are affected by data breaches, hence this blog! It’s often the smaller firms that get hit, affecting the confidentiality, integrity, and function of the compromised data.

Let’s take a look at some household names that found themselves in the firing line:

Dixons Carphone Warehouse – data breach in 2017. Hackers obtained records of their many outlets including Currys, PC World, Carphone Warehouse, compromising in excess of 1 million personal records and almost 6 million payment cards. Shares in the company declined and many stores were subsequently closed.

British Airways – in 2018, computer hackers obtained the credit card details of close to 380,000 customers. Traffic to the site was diverted to a fraudulent site where numerous customer’s details were obtained including card payment details. BA was fined by the ICO to the tune of in excess of £180million and promised to give full reimbursement to those customers affected by the attack.

Disney+ Service – in 2019, the BBC reported that attackers had stolen thousands of customers’
accounts and put them up for sale on the dark web just hours after the Disney+ service had been launched. Social media was flooded with negative comments as thousands of users were locked out of their accounts.

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