Cyber Crime doesn’t only target big business…don’t be a victim.

Most of us remember the devastating worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack back in May 2017, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It hit the UK’s National Health System hard and was reported to have cost the NHS approx. £20m with a further £72m in the subsequent clean up and upgrades to its IT systems.

Data breaches can cause devastating financial losses and affect a business’s reputation for years. From lost business to regulatory fines, data breaches have far reaching consequences that we all need to consider.

Don’t be under the illusion, based on the WannaCry attack that as a small business you won’t be targeted by cyber criminals, hackers don’t care about size of the business. There will be automated ‘bots’ out there, scouring the internet looking for weak spots they can access. Whether you’re a small family business, or an organisation the size of the NHS, you are still a potential target. If your site isn’t up to date with its security and is easy to breach, you may as well hand over your login details including password, because like any determined burglar, they will break in.

If in the unfortunate event that your website does get hacked and your business and livelihood is threatened, you’ll be kicking yourself that you never took implementing security updates seriously. Get in touch today and let us help ensure your website has tightly locked doors to keep the baddies out.

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