A website which is not fresh and regularly updated is like having a shopfront with the lights off, and a closed sign on the front door.

In the same way you’d probably walk past a closed down shop in the high street without so much as a sideways glance, the affect will be the same online. With so much choice online, you may never get this online visitor again. Your website’s presence is impacted by a number of areas including content revision, security, and user experience, these are all factors in keeping people wanting to come back to visit your website and purchase from you time and time again.

Handing over your website development, maintenance and updating activities to Dan and the team at Webster Internet will enable you to focus on generating revenue for your business. Our unlimited hosting platform is based in a cutting edge UK data centre so you can have peace of mind that your domain and website is being carefully monitored and looked-after 24 hours a day. All hosting packages come with unlimited bandwidth, storage space and e-mail accounts. Unlike some web hosting businesses, Webster Internet allow you to add as many e-mail accounts as your business needs, so as your business grows, you can be safe in the knowledge that the cost for e-mail accounts and hosting will stay the same. For peace of mind transfer your website hosting to Webster Internet today.

Call Dan and the team at Webster Internet today on 0800 6124856 or email hello@websterinternet.co.uk to discuss how you can incorporate fantastic content within your website design. 

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