JDR Consultancy

I’d like to say a huge thank you for the work you have done to update and upgrade my company website.
I must say that Webster Internet have the patience of a saint. Explaining in words of one syllable what a URL is and ‘MySQL’ and ‘FTP details’.
Being a girl, it is my prerogative to change my mind, changing the font size, moving the text, making the blue a bit prettier etc etc.
Not one sigh, not one raised eyebrow, when I mentioned my OCD for text justification and ensuring the page looked tidy. You helped, very diplomatically, with the wording of the text.
My new website is clean, clear, bright and does what is should, you dealt with all the background stuff and sent me a file of the old website, just in case.
I can’t thank you enough and can’t recommend your services highly enough.