LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is THE best Social Media Platform for B2B businesses

LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most interesting social media platforms, as it mostly deals with B2B marketing and usage. With over 675 million monthly users, there is no shortage of people to reach and share your business with. Not only that, but there are over 30 million businesses that utilise LinkedIn, providing huge potential for B2B activity and promotion.

LinkedIn’s tools for businesses

With several features, including business profiles, posts, articles and InMail, LinkedIn for business provides businesses with a variety of ways in which they can impact others and gain traction in the B2B sector.

LinkedIn Business Pages

Business pages allow companies to build a structured profile and highlight key information about themselves. By using customisable features, businesses can effectively and visually create a positive overview for customers to interact with.

By ensuring that these pages are effectively optimised, businesses can maximise the potential of reaching new B2B customers.

LinkedIn Posts

Posts on LinkedIn are much like other social media platforms. They consist of an image or short video, accompanied by a short caption. This makes them a great way to share updates and snippets of information to other businesses or existing customers. They also allow businesses and users to communicate and engage easily with one another by liking, commenting and sharing posts.

LinkedIn Articles

“Articles” is a unique but very useful feature on LinkedIn, as it provides a space to post full blog texts. This is something that no other major social media platform allows businesses to do.

This is useful for a business who wants to post more detailed information on certain topics and provides others with great value. By providing longer pieces of information, other businesses are able to gain insight into what you do and offer.

LinkedIn Search Tool

This is an extremely powerful feature that plays an important role in LinkedIn marketing. It allows users to search for and find very targeted groups of people. There is a wide range of options that allow for narrow searches, making it easy for businesses to find very specific individuals or potential business customers.

Not only can this tool help you to connect with and learn from similar businesses, but it allows you to find customers who match your exact specific target audience.

Why B2B businesses need LinkedIn

Due to the range of unique and extremely useful tools that this platform provides, it is key for businesses with a B2B focus to incorporate LinkedIn marketing. By effectively utilising these tools, businesses can increase their exposure and target specific audiences very well.

For more info on how social media platforms fit into our various marketing packages, head over to our Digital Marketing Packages page. With the help of Webster Internet, LinkedIn can become a useful, profitable tool for your business.

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