Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most effective SMM platforms

With 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is the second largest social media platform. It is a visual-based platform that takes advantage of images and video content. Over 500 million users are active on the platform every day, and almost all of these use Instagram stories daily. With such huge potential reach, all businesses must consider using Instagram for business as part of their online marketing strategy.

In many countries around the world, Instagram is also the fastest growing social media platform. This means that it’s still a great time to get onboard and ride the wave. The easy-to-grasp layout makes it extremely popular for users to consume content for hours on end every single day, making it a fantastic way to increase your business’s online exposure.

Instagram’s Useful Tools and Features

With several key features that allow businesses to take advantage of this popularity, it makes an Instagram marketing strategy undeniably essential in social media marketing. Image posts, video posts, captions, stories, highlights, Instagram TV and profile links are all part of what makes this platform so useful to businesses in 2020.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories enable businesses to post short videos or images that are only visible for 24 hours. Recent stories appear at the front and top of the homepage, making them instantly visible to users as they login. Due to the ease of viewing and the short snippets of content, stories have become extremely popular among users. With almost 500 million daily story viewers, they have become a very important medium.

Larger accounts are also able to add links directly to stories. This makes it very easy for customers to view your website, landing page or other external content.

Stories can also be added to “Highlights” that remain permanently on your profile. Visitors are then able to view older stories and content whenever they want.

Instagram Business Profiles

Instagram Business Profiles are a useful way for businesses to set up their account for effective usage. They allow businesses to provide a sub-heading describing what the business does, as well as providing contact options, addresses and website links.

On top of that, business profiles provide you with detailed analytics tools. These show you stats on each post, story and your overall account. This makes it easy for you to see how many people your posts reach, how much overall engagement they got, and even how many people saved the post into their favourites.

Instagram TV

This is a relatively new element of Instagram, which consists purely of video content. This section of the platform also allows for longer videos to be posted. This means that businesses are no longer limited to one-minute clips as they were before.

As video content becomes more and more popular, many social media platforms are finding ways to push it further and make it easier to find and view. As new features like this are added, it is essential for businesses to capitalise on new content types and new trends.

Why your business needs to be on Instagram

With such a large potential to reach customers and new audiences, Instagram marketing has become very important when it comes to social media marketing. Not only do businesses have the ability to gain large followings and reach huge numbers of people with their posts, but Instagram also provides a range of features and tools that can be used to build a huge online presence.

For more info on how social media platforms fit into our various marketing packages, head over to our Digital Marketing Packages page. With the help of Webster Internet’s Digital Marketing services, Instagram can become an engaging, profitable tool for your marketing strategy.

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