Social Media Marketing

As you’re probably already aware, a huge amount of people are on social media platforms – and they spend far too much of their time on them! This is fantastic news for businesses as it has created a new way to cost-effectively reach new and existing customers.

But what exactly does marketing on social media involve?

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms when marketing and engaging with customers. A solid social media marketing strategy allows a business to build and grow a large following, to who they can publish content about their products and/or services. It also allows customers to engage with their favourite businesses, or easily ask questions relating to certain products.

Not only that, but the use of social media platforms also provides opportunities to directly sell and link to products. By drastically shortening your customer’s journey, sales completion becomes more likely. This is a very powerful tool that can be harnessed to generate more sales if used effectively.

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Here’s why your business NEEDS to be marketing on social media

There are so many benefits from having a social media marketing strategy and being on there that it just makes sense. First and foremost, exposure to customers and potential customers is always great for business. Social media allows you to do this like never before. Not only that, but you can actually control the perception of your business. An important part of social media marketing is “Branding”, where you use posts and stories to present a specific image and feel that represents your business. This allows you to stand out as a positive brand in customers’ minds.

As previously mentioned, several social media platforms now allow you to sell and link to products directly from your profile. This makes it almost too easy for customers to purchase products! Something that every business will benefit from in a world where attention spans are only getting shorter.

What’s more is the level of specificity that social marketing can provide. With the use of tools and some nifty tricks, you can find your exact buyer persona and focus your efforts on these people. What has been seen with this method of marketing is a huge ROI, that hasn’t ever been seen in more traditional marketing methods. This is due to how well you can target specific audiences.

Another way in which SMM is advantageous is that it allows businesses to engage directly with customers. Responding to customer feedback or questions about products has never been so easy! With it being visible to all, it can also really boost the reputation of your business. People will regard quick and effective responses very highly and is definitely not something you want to miss out on.

How can we help your business with social media marketing?

As you can see, social media marketing is an important asset that should be a part of every business’s marketing. As part of Webster Internet’s Digital Marketing Packages, we will provide an extensive social media marketing strategy, helping your business to achieve its goals by increasing brand awareness, social engagement and lead generation.

Our different Package options offer you a range of strategies to suit your business’s needs. We will provide you with an initial Social Media Marketing Strategy session to discuss business goals and needs, in order to establish which content requirements are best for you – some platforms are more effective than others for certain businesses, and some are suited to a single platform whilst others are best suited to utilising multiple social platforms. For more information on specific platforms and how they could help your business, have a look at our Social Platforms pages.

Webster Internet will also provide your business with analytics, progress tracking, hashtag usage and all the content for your business pages. We’ll use whichever platforms your business is best suited to, as well as keep in regular contact for updates and content checks.

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