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Website Design in Dunstable, Luton and Bedfordshire by Webster Internet

Webster Internet was formed in 2010 when Dan Webster saw a gap in the web design market around Dunstable, Luton, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

In actual fact, that’s just what everybody says on their ‘About Us’ page, isn’t it? The truth is far less aspirational, unfortunately.

In 2010, Dan was backed into a corner.

In a climate of uncertainty, he knew one thing – after a seven-year career, there was nothing more in IT Management that he wanted to do, so his IT Management job being made redundant at the time was a fortuitous coincidence.

Having messed around and played a lot of golf for six months or so, Dan was totally running out of money. As well as this rather mercenary factor, his decision to start Webster Internet was equally made by the fact that he’d created websites to keep himself entertained for about 7 years at the time and had always thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

If you ask Dan what it is that he loves about web design, he’ll simply answer ‘it’s the right balance of languages and maths that keeps my enquiring mind interested’.

The fact is that people don’t learn things backwards; you’re not born as a concert pianist and then steadily become worse at playing the piano over the rest of your life. This means that we start off really bad at most things and then teach ourselves to become better. Website design is exactly like this – you would make poor Dan cry if you forced him to look at his design work or some of his code from years ago because he didn’t just become good at this stuff overnight. Like all good web designers, Dan keeps up with the latest technology and advancements in his chosen field of web design as a matter of course and also because as well as being a job, it is a passion and an interest outside of the working day.

Like in a lot of IT and related professions, things in website design move at a thunderously fast pace but this pace isn’t exactly governed by just technological factors. Any decent Web Developer needs to keep up with the techy stuff, sure, but they also need to keep a good eye on design generally. It’s not just Apple who can make things look nice – a good Web Designer will find inspiration to push their designs forward from all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

Having started the business, it took a little while for the (beware of low-flying corporate buzzwords) Unique Selling Point of Webster Internet to appear but it all centres around creating bespoke websites which are specifically aimed at satisfying critical business objectives.

Some other Web Designers make a lot of money in a very easy way by trawling out the same sorry rubbish every day, using templates and knocking out cookie-cutter, rinse-and-repeat, one-size-fits-all websites over and over while charging the earth. We’re different here at Webster Internet. Using and implementing design principles and new technology while having a mind to approach solutions from different angles is not only our mantra, it’s also good for the soul.

In the four years that Webster Internet has been around, we’ve launched around 80 websites for an extremely broad range of clients, every thing from Van Suppliers to Schools to Wine Companies. Over that time, through listening to what businesses require from their websites and reading between the lines, we’ve become pretty good – but please don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials.

Recently, Webster Internet expanded by taking on an Apprentice. Kane is straight out of school and is eager to learn, his skills in being able to read between the lines at interview went down extremely well and secured him the position with Webster Internet. Now that Kane has been with us a little while, he’s starting to get involved with projects and offering a very dependable and insightful extra pair of eyes on all client work being done of late.

Here at Webster Internet, we love our clients and we want them to love us back!
We don’t want to mess anybody about, we just want to give our customers exactly what they want through a simple, collaborative process which will bring them the most business possible. Our prices are reasonable and the quality of our work is outstanding. We take the time to understand the goals and aims of your business and then we can create beautiful digital interfaces and experiences which push your business towards those goals.

Does your business need a new website?
Is your current website working hard enough for your company?
Is your website mobile friendly?
Are your e-mails flaky or your website often down?
Webster Internet can provide perfect solutions to all of these issues and more.
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